Biinad - Supplier of safe, high-quality PPE

Biinad is a reliable supplier of safe, high-quality cleaning supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The catalyst to our beginning was to address the challenge many organizations face as a result of the global shortage of cleaning supplies and PPE.

Our mission is to provide safe, high-quality cleaning and safety supplies across Turtle Island in a timely and cost effective manner.

Part of every sale we make goes to supporting Indigenous communities.



Our products

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Face masks & shields, including re-usable, anti-bacterial face masks
  • Gloves and isolation gowns
  • Cleaning supplies

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Our Principles

  • We are Indigenous owned and controlled
  • We provide reusable and recyclable options where they are available
  • Our products meet or exceed the Health Canada or US FDA standards
  • Leading edge fabric technology, sustainability initiatives and ethical practices are our core values.
  • We supply high quality products

Supply Principles

  • High quality materials/ingredients (for example, only pure food grade ethanol for hand-sanitizer)
  • Suppliers able to meet customer demands for speed and quantities, including large quantity orders
  • Indigenous suppliers where possible
  • Other Turtle Island (North America) suppliers preferred over “offshore” suppliers, where Indigenous suppliers not available
  • Safely re-usable products over one-time use preferred
  • Redundancy in supply-chain to protect customers